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Heads and Shells

Many people grill shrimp from the front and remove the head. The head can also have a negative impact on quality. Shrimp that has become headless shrimp, have their heads removed before shipping.

That means the body stays fresh and salty, crunchy. If you can't get live shrimp (which is possible if you live near a good Asian market), you're better off opting for the headless version. Shelled shrimp are often battered and unappetizing. Finally, these shells pack a sweet and tangy punch, whether you grill the shrimp in the shell or use the shell to add flavor to the finished dish, like some dishes.

EZ-Peel Shrimp are already split and deveined. Leaving these flavorful shells intact makes the job a lot easier. However, it comes at a higher price and makes the final product a little more difficult to control.

There are some shrimp providers that use machines, and when machines divide and devein shrimp tend to create deeper grooves than if you do the laborious work by hand. That's why El Faro Seafood Shrimp is peeled by hand in order to preserve the quality. So if you want a nice-looking array like a shrimp cocktail, you'll probably want to peel the shells yourself or choose a trusted provider like El Faro Seafood. Either way, be sure to save your shells:

Shells can be seasoned to make flavorful fish soups, sauces, or oils.Peeled Shrimp is not only easy to cook, it is also the best for the price. Additionally, they tend to be over-processed or broken, making them unsuitable for most recipes.

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